Renowned for their harmonies, the group has a varied repertoire encompassing traditional folk, music hall, comedy songs, popular songs and self-penned material, all with the aim of providing entertainment and having fun.  The group’s line-up:

  • Joyce Riding    vocals, guitar
  • Joanne Holt    vocals, guitar
  • many songs written by the recently deceased Sue Grills, whose life lives on through her wonderful song writing

Marie Luff is no longer part of the regular line up but does make very occasional 'guest' appearances when she's not off out and about

We hope you enjoy the web site and comments and contributions are welcome.  If you'd like to contribute any stories then please contact Joanne

If you want a quick gander  here's a recording made the morning after the night before !! I promise you we normally look a dam sight more cheerful and dare I say more glamorous than this lol enjoy

Thank you  Lancashire One